Viasat Promotions
Viasat Satellite Internet provides high speed internet access nationwide. We bring fast wireless internet services to suburban, rural, and remote areas that are under served by traditional wired internet service providers.

Every Viasat plan comes with out fastest speed for a great experience. You can choose your service based upon how much you use the internet, not how fast you want it to go. All of our new plans have the same great speed. Just choose how much you need. No matter which Viasat plan you choose, it comes with the fastest speed available in your area.

Exceptional speed allows you to:
- Enjoy exceptionally fast web browsing and email
- Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer buffering delays
- Share photos remarkably fast
- Better video chat with fewer delays
- Send and receive files quickly

Included with every plan:
- The full suite of Google Apps: word processing, customizable home page, calendar, contacts, and tools to collaborate and build your own website
- Professional standard installation by a certified technician

Breakthrough web browsing technology
To make your web browsing even snappier, we have included our exclusive web acceleration technology in every Viasat modem. It is designed to be intelligent, combining multiple internet requests and fetching content faster than your browser to speed up the loading of web pages. The result is a superior browsing experience. 

All Viasat Internet plans have a price guaranteed not to change for two years. You can get great internet service and a bill that doesn't change with the seasons.